Extra grip + yoga mat cleaner [alignment spray]

Extra grip + yoga mat cleaner [alignment spray]

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Because cork naturally contains a waxy substance called suberin your cork yoga mat actually gets grippier when wet! For best practice spray on the parts of your mat where your hands and feet will be to enhance your grip and deepen your stretch. Made from aqua, essential oils and castile soap. We chose eucalyptus + peppermint for mental clarity, orange for some citrusy zest, and a dash of fir for a therapeutic earthy undertone. Because essential oils are infused with the essential oils of plants-there is an antibacterial action as well as an odor neutralizing effect!" So feel free to use this spray as a mat cleaner to keep things smelling extra nice! AHHHhhhhhh. :)


We recommend using our cork yoga mat spray to get that extra OM-ph out of your practice!

 50 ml 


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